CAS Research & Publications

Textbooks & Series using or integrating CAS

  • PreCalculus Transformed, Harrow & Merchant, Venture Publishing, 2009.  Presumes the availability of CAS without explicitly designated CAS questions.
  • Precalculus with Trigonometry, 3rd ed, Foerster, 2011, Kendall Hunt.  This is a great update on a great series.  CAS insights and questions are throughout the Teachers Edition with additional CAS-focused activities in the Instructors’ Resource Book.
  • The CAS-Intensive Mathematics curriculum project, co-directed by Drs. Kathleen Heid & Rose Mary Zbiek and funded by the NSF.  The entire curriculum is available on-line. Access to the curriculum can be requested through the link above.
  • The latest editions of the UCSMP textbooks.

Free online CAS

CAS resources (research, blogs, etc.)

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