SBG and AP Statistics Update

I’ve continued to work on my Standards for AP Statistics and after a few conversations with colleagues and finding this pdf of AP Statistics Standards, I’ve winnowed down and revised my Standards to the point I’m comfortable using them this year.

Following is the much shorter document I’m using in my classes this year.  They address the AP Statistics core content as well as the additional ideas, connections, etc. I hope my students learn this year.  As always, I welcome all feedback, and I hope someone else finds these guides helpful.

One response to “SBG and AP Statistics Update

  1. I have found your guide very helpful, thanks a lot for sharing it.

    I thought I would mention to you that there’s something I’m about to add to it: bivariate categorical data; two-way tables and the like. And I’m thinking about how to connect these concepts with the inference regarding proportions concepts later on. I’ll share back with you, after I finalize our wording, in case it is helpful to you.

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