Nspire Apps Update

Thanks to a great comment from Mr. Schirles on my post on the new Nspire app from earlier today, I’ve learned something new.

When you are using the math keyboard in the app, notice that several of the keys have overlines along their tops.  When you tap-and-hold those keys, you get access to several related keys.  For example,

  • holding the x-key gives access to y, z, and t.
  • Holding the r-key gives \theta.
  • Holding > gives the other three inequalities.
  • Nicely, holding the sine button button reveals the related arcsine, cosecant, and arc-cosecant options.  Same for the other two circular trig buttons and their functions.  (See note below for a wish.)
  • Holding the angle button reveals options for radian measures and DMS modes.
  • Importantly, the comma key shows options for _ (underscore–for units), | (the constraint or substitution character, critical for many solving and CAS features), and quotation marks.
  • Holding the parentheses keys reveals options for brackets and braces.


In short, there are MANY nice hidden options.  I’m very impressed and completely withdraw my earlier concern.  But …

NEW WISH:  I did notice that hyperbolic trig functions aren’t included anywhere, and it isn’t easy (as far as I can tell) without navigating keyboards to add an “h” to the end of one of the trig functions to create the hyperbolics.  I know I’m being picky and most high school math teachers don’t touch hyperbolic trigonometry, but it sure would be nice if either the trig buttons, or perhaps the e^x button revealed some hyperbolic function options.

My concern about having to navigate between keyboards for necessary characters was unwarranted.  TI had already incorporated the fix.  Nice.

Thanks, Mr. Schirles!

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