Air Sketch app follow-up

I mentioned in my Air Sketch review last week that one of its biggest drawbacks, IMO, was that I could not use multiple blank pages when running the app.

PROBLEM SOLVED:  I created a 10-page blank document in MS Word by inserting 9 page breaks and nothing more, and printed that doc to a pdf file in Dropbox.  From my Dropbox app on my iPad, I open the 10-page blank pdf into Air Sketch.  Voila!  I now have a 10-page scrollable blank document on which I can take all the notes I need!  As a pdf, Air Sketch and compress any inking into a new pdf and save it wherever I need.  Obviously, I could create a longer blank pdf with more pages if needed, but I couldn’t see any classes going beyond 10 pages.

I still don’t get some of the hot linke or multiple image tools of SMART Notebook (see below), but this work-around clears a major usage hurdle for me.

OK, one problem solved, but a few more are realized:

  • It would be very cool if I could copy-paste images within Air Sketch–something akin to cloning on a SMART Board.
  • Also, while I can import images, it seems that I can operate on only one at a time.  Inserting a 2nd erases the writing and insert of a previous image.  It can be undone, but I still get just 1 image at a time.  Worse, inserting an image takes me out of editing my 10-page blank pdf, so I can’t layer images on top of my pdf files in the current Air Sketch version.

These issues aside, Air Sketch remains a phenomenal piece of software and MY STUDENTS LOVE IT!  I hope the Air Sketch editors take note of these for future editions.

Aside:  Another teacher at my school independently discovered one of my suggestions in my first review of Air Sketch–that you can run one piece of software (as a math teacher, I often run CAS, nSpire, or statistical packages) through the projector while my students keep the written notes on their laptops/iPads/smart phones via the local Web page to which Air Sketch is publishing.  Having two simultaneous technology packages running without flipping screens has been huge for us.

5 responses to “Air Sketch app follow-up

  1. Hi Chris,
    I am a construction trainer in Australia.
    We are trying to develop better materials to deliver in our remote Indigenous classes where poor literacy makes things really difficult and a big hurdle.
    I have seen some work done with Airsketch and noted you have adopted it into your teaching.
    Would love to see some you tube type footage of how you are using this and presenting materials.
    I am very keen to adopt this so I can use much more drawing and graphics rather than text.
    Any assistance appreciated.
    Andy Irvine

  2. I was at your presentation at the iPad summit in Atlanta last week. We’re you running fluidmath on air sketch? I am going to be demonstrating fluidmath to some colleagues and I am wondering if air sketch is a good medium to use. Thanks, Mark

    • Sorry, Mark, for any confusion.
      AirSketch is one app. I use it for capturing non-interactive writing & drawing.
      Fluid Math is a Web-based, handwriting-recognizing math, CAS, and graphing app.
      I run both simultaneously, but during class, I flip between my Safari browser (for Fluid Math) and my AirSketch app. Does that make sense?

  3. Thank you.

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